En estos enlaces puedes encontrar información interesante sobre cómo crear y fomentar el ethos en los centros escolares. Pueden servir también como material de referencia para usar en área de educación para la ciudadanía (información sobre enlaces en inglés):

–       Ethos Network

–       Jenny Mosley Circle Time website

–       Parent Zone’s website

–       Learning and Teaching Scotland on Education for Citizenship

–       The Anti-bullying Network website

–        Bullying- Questions & Answers

–       Restorative justice, key principles and applications

–       Eco Schools: international initiative designed to encourage whole-school action for the environment.

–       Bog Standard: promotes better standards of school toilets for pupils and engages children, adults and planners in the process of tackling one of the most serious concerns in school facilities in a variety of engaging ways.

–       Britkids Interactive website:  It is about race, racism and life –as seen through the eyes of the Britkids. It also has material and information for teachers.

–       ENQUIRE: provides independent advice and information to families of children who need additional support at school, to children and young people themselves and to professionals who work on their behalf.

–       Learning and Teaching Scotland’s website for Inclusive Education: provides resources, useful organizations, strategies and policy developments to encourage the educational inclusion of all children and young people.

–       LGBT Youth Scotland (for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender young people): has a section on schools and education offering advice and resources for inclusion

–       Scottish Support for Learning Association’s website:  has a downloadable manual of good practice.


Scottish Schools Ethos Network Team. 2005. Ethos is here to stay. A Handbook of Printed and Electronic Resources to Help all Schools Develop a more Positive Ethos. Edinburgh: Scottish Schools Ethos Network.

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